Shows for the Shoes


Janis Prochera, Winnipeg

When I chose this pair of shoes I imagined that they belonged to a little boy. In their blackness and wrapped in wire they appear dark-tragic. This child has seen so much, experienced so much- not in movies, not on TV. But in his home, his community, his life. I cannot begin to comprehend but having known a 12 year old boy from Sierra Leone-who told me what he saw and heard and suffered and can\\\\\\\'t rid his mind of- I offer to this little boy- love- in the form of this blanket. I have chosen colours- bright colours- for his spirit-his energy-his youth and his hope for the future. I have chosen to make this blanket a quilt because it takes time to create- the choosing of the fabric, the cutting, piecing and sewing together-a labour of love for someone who is loved. I am reminded of Joseph\\\\\\\'s coat of many colours. What role did the gift of the coat play in his life? This quilt is of the crazy design. It symbolizes the craziness and incomprehensibility of this world but in the colours there is beauty as well. This quilt is my symbol of love- As Soren Kirkegaard believed- all problems in this world are for want of love. May there be love! Agape!

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